Is it phobia or fear?

25th January 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

Fear is necessary for your survival.

But do not allow it to get converted into a phobia.

How sense of fear is necessary for survival?

We all are blessed with five senses through which we perceive and we understand the things around us. These five senses serves as a primary representational system for us. What are these five senses, these five senses are seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste. These five senses also helps us in our survival. Whenever you encounter any condition where there is a matter for survival one of your sense will work as a transmitter for your neuro system and your brain will trigger an emotional fear that will help you in survival. Let’s understand this in context of a metaphor, let’s say you are standing at the top of the hill or a cliff and you are at a certain point where there is a chance of you falling down and in case emotion of fear for survival is not triggered, There are chances that you will jump but that doesn’t happens normally.

Therefore, we can say that fear is somewhat necessary for our survival which is supported by our five senses.

Difference between phobia and fear.

We have understood the concept of fear in above paragraph, now let’s say that you even cannot withstand the thought of Falling down and even while sitting inside a room you have that thought and that emotion of fear is triggered to such an extent then it can be said as a phobia.

Therefore, at the first place you can ask yourself and identify whether the condition is fear or a phobia.

Would people do to Overcome phobias?

Normally, people go for medication when it comes to these psychological conditions but the medicines are doing no good. These medicines will only damage neurotransmitters in longer term and there have been substantial evidences that people became addicted to the medicines in order to overcome any fear or phobia or any other psychological concern. It’s not that the medicines should not be taken but check always has to be applied for the dosage. Taking medicine is only a temporary solution, either one gets addicted to it or the condition gets reversed after stopping the consumption.

What should be done ?

There are many therapeutic interventions and techniques available through which these psychological concerns can be addressed but one of the major aspect of getting cured is the belief system, getting connected to yourself and want to get cured.

By the help of the video attached you can come to know what are the various techniques through which the psychological concerns can be addressed.