96% Souls are trapped and need your help.

26th January 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

Understanding the concept |True Experience & Learnings |How to help them

The Spirit world is able to get through to you easily when your mind is still and clear.

James Van Praagh

Understanding the concept

To keep it short and crisp, There are 7 planes of existence that are mentioned below:

  • The First Plane: Consists of all non-organic material on this earth.
  • The Second Plane: Consists of organic material.
  • The Third Plane: Where animals and humans exist.
  • The Fourth Plane: Realm of spirits.
  • The Fifth Plane: Where enlightened souls, masters, saints exist.
  • The Sixth Plane: The laws of the universe.
  • The Seventh Plane: Creator’s plane.

What’s there at 4th Plane?

The fourth plane of existence is know as the realm of the spirits i.e. where the souls exists, where people go first after dying or where our ancestors go in waiting. All kinds of spirits/souls are there on this plane. There can be wayward spirits or evil spirits , trapped spirits, spirits waiting to get liberated exist.

Why spirits get trapped or stuck?

  • Death happens keeping any unfulfilled desire and also even concentrating on that desire at the time of death, the soul gets trapped.
  • Under influence of any substance/drugs/alcohol during his life span and post death the soul gets trapped due to addiction and searches for those and tries to control those people who are under influence of any addiction.
  • Suicidal cases. The soul gets trapped because the person who ends the blessing of the nature/universe/god called life is not even accepted to the higher realms.

Almost 96% souls are trapped under above categories.


One only perceives the information from higher realms in three ways i.e. Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing) and Clairsentience (Feelings). In my case, I am combination of Clairaudience and Clairsentience.

It started in 2019 when one day during my meditation session i felt presence of someone around me, suddenly i started feeling bit cold during summer season and had goosebumps. Around 0430 Hrs and pin drop silence, suddenly i heard voice of my Grandmother (she expired in June 2015) calling my name. Certainly, it was frightening and I suddenly opened my eyes but everything was normal , no one was there. I thought that being very close to her, it was just a memory of her that came during meditation. But after sometime messages started coming for guidance related to exploring my purpose of life and things also started materialising accordingly.

Another major experience came couple of months back, when during the meditation session at around 0400 Hrs suddenly memory of distant relative occurred and felt the she was blessing me. To my surprise I never met her, thought of her or even talked about her since last one year but i started contemplating that what could be the message in her blessing. That day at around 0830 Hrs news came that she expired. That again gave me goosebumps and this incidence i also discussed with my meditation teacher and he replied and confirmed that my vibrations have changed and now I have started receiving messages from higher realms. He also advised me to keep my intent positive and remain sensitive to the messages.

Keep intent positive, surrender yourself, be sensitive and universal energies will shower blessings to achieve your purpose of life.

Sanjeev Malik

Since then i never looked behind and followed my intuitions, messages.

My Encounter with wayward spirits.

Till now i was dealing with good souls that helped me in finding out my purpose of life or receiving blessings. Recently (Still wondering what to say regarding that incidence) I had an encounter with bunch of wayward spirits.

I went to a party, not knowing the ambience and services. First, I struggled to find a parking slot (as if someone was stopping me to get into that area) and then when I went inside and there was too loud music (not soothing to my ears at least) and everyone was under influence of alcohol/smoke etc. (That they call a definition of a modern society) and behaving like anything but not human beings. The moment i stepped in felt too uncomfortable and suddenly i saw black smoke over head of many people that started moving towards me. After that smoke coming closer, i could feel heat but through the blessings around me that smoke went away immediately. I decided to move from that place immediately and saved myself.

That day I witnessed the wayward spirits for the first time in my life that were trapped under Case 2, discussed above.

Now, the next question came into my mind that why i was saved. I got the answers immediately:

  1. I was not under the influence of any substance/alcohol/smoke because getting influenced under substance opens up the energy fields through which negativity may enter.
  2. Whenever I move out, I keep my aura locked from negativity. The aura locking technique was taught by my master.
  3. Blessings that I have around me in the form of my spirit guide.
  4. Positive intent.

Decision to move out might have disturbed others, but i must say when it comes to your soul one must become selfish.

How can we help them to get liberated

There is only one way how we all can help these trapped souls for liberation. Just Pray for them and ask for forgiveness from the universe/nature/creator/god on their behalf as they do not have that much of liberty even to pray.

Today make promise with you that whenever you perform your daily prayer, you will pray for those trapped souls as well and believe me moment you pray for them, they will get liberated and you will receive blessings that will help you achieve your purpose of life.