Medication to Meditation. All You need to know.

1st February 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

“From MediCation to MediTation. The journey from “C” to “T”: from change to transformation.” – Tarun Sharma

Choice is yours

Why Medication to Meditation?

Let’s say that a person is suffering from depression and understand that how medication will help that person and how meditation will help that person.

Impact of Medication

Depression is a condition where the person lives in the past. Which means either the person suffering from any past memories or any trapped negative emotion. Now due to contemplating on those past memories or emotions there is a chemical disorder in the brain due to which the person suffers.

That person starts taking medicines. What medicines will do is that it will balance out the deficiency of that chemical and will help in disconnecting from that negative emotion or memories and the person will start having sound sleep.

Imagine that you move in chauffeur Driven vehicle for a long period of time and suddenly you were asked to drive by your own. Will you accept it? Well, the first answer will be NO and if there is no other option you will search for a simpler or most convenient option for you. Because you have programmed yourself in such a way that even when you know how to drive you still won’t because it will need some extra efforts now.

Our brain is also similar to this. It has all the capability to release the chemical or the neurotransmitter you can even imagine but once a person becomes a slave of medication it would be very hard for the brain to reproduce those chemicals again. Because that will require an extraordinary effort.

It’s all about how we program ourselves.

I’m not saying that medication should not be taken but a sincere effort should be done for getting off those medications.

Meditation will help you getting off those medications. No let’s discuss how?

Impact of meditation.

If medication is synonym for disconnection and meditation is synonym for connection. Connection to your inner self, connection to your higher self.

Meditation will help you in getting connected to the thoughts or emotions that are bothering you and taking learning from those thoughts or emotions and implementing those learnings in your life.

It will help you in bringing yourself into the present moment and understanding your true position or true self.

Meditation improves your focus, your concentration, helps in channelising your energies and even realise your purpose of life.

The choice is yours change or transformation.

Meditation simplified – Just for you

If life is a recipe then meditation is salt. It will add taste do this recipe called life. Imagine having food without salt, how it will taste? Similarly, if you add too much or very less amount of salt in your food, it will definitely reduce the taste of that recipe.

Meditation – Frequently asked questions

Is meditation related to spirituality only?

First of all it is very necessary to understand what is spirituality.The word spirituality is nothing but seeking something that is beyond our logics, beyond our limiting believes that we carry in ourself. The science is also an integral part of spirituality.

Read the block to know more about science and spirituality. http://science-and-spirituality-the-connection

In case you want to get connected to the universal energies it can be said as an advanced level of meditation.

The first and foremost gift of meditation is that it will enable you to come into the present moment. Because people these days either remain in past or in future and suffer the issues like depression or anxiety.

Meditation is a technique through which you will be able to understand and control your emotions and your thoughts.

Do I need to sit for hours to meditate?

The answer is NO, you can even meditate while sitting in your office or even in any public space. I’ll teach you how to do it in next section.

Is meditation related to any religion?

Meditation helps you getting connected to yourself. By the meaning of yourself is your subconscious mind and helps you identify your beliefs and values.

From which age meditation should be started?

Starting from the age of six years the meditation is recommended and specially before puberty because meditation also helps in channelising the energy of a child in positive direction.

Simple meditation technique for you.

Through this meditation technique you can meditate effortlessly for 80 minutes in a day. Without even doing any alterations to your normal schedule, just follow the instructions as it is.

The 5-4-3-2-1 Technique – 5 minute exercise

  • Pick up your mobile phones and open the app of Reminders settings.
  • Now save an hourly reminder with the name “what am I doing right now?”
  • Ask this to yourself every hour when the reminder flashes.
  • Use your all the five senses to observe the things around you.
  • The five senses of seeing, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.
  • See Five things around you and name them and observe.
  • Listen to Four sounds around you and observe.
  • Smell Three Fragrances around you and observe.
  • Touch Two Things around you and observe.
  • Taste One thing and observe.

This entire activity will take you around 5 minutes in an hour.Considering that you sleep for eight hours a day and the for the remaining 16 hours you do this exercise, then you are meditating for 80 minutes in a day.

Just in case you want to know more about the techniques you can get in touch and we will revert back.

Science and Spirituality – The connection