Miracles through Prayer of Gratitude & Forgiveness

17th February 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

“Forgiveness is for breakdown maintenance and Gratitude is for preventive maintenance.”

It unlocks the doors of wisdom and bliss.

The ultimate aim of human being is to stay happy, remain blissful. This is the true nature of our soul – To stay happy. It’s unfortunate that we keep searching for happiness from outside world, in material things. In this race of life we tend to forget our true nature and don’t look inside, where the huge reservoir of happiness and bliss is hidden. It’s just a matter of realisation.

Either we keep concentrating on past which results in depression or overthink and contemplate on future which results in anxiety. We forget to stay in present moment. We should take only key learnings from the past and implement the learning for the future. This is the only key to stay happy.

The two most simple techniques to achieve this happiness is prayer for Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Power of Gratitude.

Let’s first understand “Gratitude.” Imagine you have two kids, one of them is very stubborn and has very uncontrolled demands. As a parent you know what is best for your child but still you surrender to the demands and just fulfil the wishes half heartedly. On the other hand, your second child is very generous, kind and glorifies you with whatever you have given to him/her.

Now, ask yourself, whom would you like to give additional gifts over and above what is being demanded? The answer will be the later one.

This universe is also like this. It will judge your feelings, emotions and intent and will give you whatever is best for you in abundance. That is why the feeling of gratitude is so important.

Some people say that they do not find anything in their life to be grateful to or thankful for. They can’t even imagine the feeling of gratitude towards anything. For them, I would like to add that the world is right now ticking over 7.7 billion population and there are approximately 1.5 lakh people who do not wake up after sleep. There are many people who are not privileged to see next morning. I believe this reason of getting up next morning is enough to have a feeling of gratitude. Isn’t it?

Power of Forgiveness.

On the other hand, we come across many situations or experiences that leaves us bewildered as why these things are happening to us. Specially the experience that leaves negative impact on us.

One thing is very important to understand that in this universe or in our life nothing happens by chance, everything is by design.

Therefore, whatever happens with us has some meaning or our past deeds (KARMA) behind it. When this happens, the most easiest way is to ask for forgiveness from the universe. The universe is full of positivity and when you ask for forgiveness, believe me you will start getting positive results within a week.

I came across many people who say that “they don’t keep any grudges inside for anyone and have forgiven everyone.”

Please understand that the universe has not given us right to forgive anyone but to ask for forgiveness for self only.

“Pray Gratitude in morning and Forgiveness at night makes a person happy, blissful and bright.”

The most important thing to add during the prayer is feeling and intent. Your positive intent will boost the feelings in the prayer and will act as a catalyst to either solve your concerns or achieving your goals and vision.

You can make your own script for these prayers based on your belief systems. However, we will come up with the guided meditation scripts for prayer of gratitude and forgiveness very soon.

Be sure to share your experiences after you start using these prayers in your daily routines.