People having GOD by their side suffers the most

29th February 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma
I believe in God, But still suffering in my life, WHY?

People who believes that god is with them, actually tend to create a lot of mess around their life.

Suffering of God himself

We have been listening through many mythological stories or from the scriptures regarding incarnations of God. Let’s go back to the period of Tretayuga (one of the four yugas or ages of mankind as per Hinduism).

During this age Lord Rama (considered to be incarnation of Lord Vishnu) had to take birth as a human being. In case we closely look at the life journey of Rama, his entire life was full disaster. Some of the events or the disasters that happened to him are mentioned below:

  • The moment he was about to become King of entire Bharatvarsha (In that age, complete earth was considered as Bharatvarsha), day before his coronation he was ordered 14 years of exile by his father Dashratha.
  • He left with his wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman and after he left, his father died leaving all his mothers and other two younger brothers alone.
  • During exile, his wife Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and was taken to Lanka.
  • He fought with Ravana with least resources as compared with Ravana but still won at the end.

Imagine all these events were to happen in our lifespan, what could have been our state of mind or decisions or actions. During his entire life, Rama demonstrated the qualities like calmness, composure, intellect and belief in his abilities. Else all these events are more than enough to make anyone a depression patient or even commit suicide.

In nutshell, he came with a purpose, The purpose to demonstrate certain qualities and wisdom that a person must exercise during bad times in life. Ultimately, nature has given choice or free will to us on how to use the resources and move ahead in the life.

In order to achieve anything extra ordinary, you always have to increase the diameter of the circle of your comfort zone.

Rama could have been King Rama in case he was coronated and lived thereafter. Only after exile, sequence of events and choices he made he was called Marayada Purushottam Rama.

Suffering by devotees of God

This story is from the age of Dwaparyuga (the yuga before present age that ended approximately 5,300 years ago). The age of Lord Krishna.

The 5 brothers known as Pandavas who also happened to be relatives of Lord Krishna and devotees of the lord at the same time. Even they had lord with them in very physical form, they suffered a lot. For example:

  • Their kingdom was taken away by Duryodhana through cheating and the palace that they built was set on fire with intention to kill them all.
  • Their wife Draupadi was harassed in front of many people but they were helpless.
  • They were also sent to exile along.
  • The battle of Mahabharata was forced on them to get their rights back. The battle that witnessed bloodshed of millions.

These are one of the highest grades of sufferings that one can imagine during their lifespan.

Here one very important question arises that when even the devotees are suffering and even the god is suffering himself then what is the meaning of believing in god? or how one can attain Nirvana or liberation following a spiritual path?

Journey of Devotee.

The ultimate aim of every human being is happiness or no sufferings. The happiness is known to be the true nature of our soul. Here one thing to understand is that the moment of taking birth or leaving the physical form is almost same kind of suffering. Most of us don’t know the amount of pain or suffering we took while taking birth because of level of consciousness that that time. Similarly, at the time of leaving the physical form in case we do not maintain consciousness suffering will be very profound.

That is why it is very necessary to maintain consciousness while leaving the physical form. But this needs life long practice.

Life is like a preparation for the final exam called Death. Here everyone will pass but only the grades (level of consciousness) will matter.

The preparation can be done only by practicing spirituality. One must not get confused by the term spirituality – as following any deity or religion or even any rituals.

The Spirituality means moving your consciousness inwards, exploring the boundaries within. Meeting your resources, Spending time with yourself. The complete explanation on spirituality can be referred in the blog.

Why devotees suffer?

The Energy or soul carries a software with them known as KARMIC SOFTWARE. This is further divided into two categories: Sanchita Karma and Prarabdha Karma.

Sanchita Karma is the software designed for entire journey of the soul till dissolution whereas Prarabdha Karma is part of that software allocated for that one particular life span. One has to complete the Prarabdha Karma during one lifespan and then a soul or energies leave the physical form for further journey.

Once a person is spiritually connected or meditative the speed of consumption of Prarabdha Karma increases and there are quite possibility that additional software is downloaded from the warehouse of Sanchita Karma and consume it in single life span. This is the reason why spiritually inclined person or a devotee suffers more in a single lifespan. Imagine consuming sufferings of many lifespans in a single one, that’s it.

Once the Sanchita Karma software is over, there is a dissolution, Nirvana, Bliss, Salvation, Mukti, liberation, end of sufferings.

Be sure to share your experiences after you start using these prayers in your daily routines.