Why am I not losing weight?

16th March 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma
  • I regularly go to gym, still I am not losing weight?
  • I take care of my diet, still I am not losing weight?
  • I visit my dietitian regularly, still I am not losing weight?
  • I do not eat much, still I am not losing weight?

Do you also have similar concerns or questions in your mind?

Understanding the concern – The Psychological way

Where the Focus goes, energy flows and result follows.

It is very necessary to understand that whenever we are focusing on something, we are actually attracting it towards us. Everything starts from the thought process which triggers the energy in the form of emotions and our physical nature starts acting accordingly.

As per normal human tendency, we tend to focus on factors that we do not want rather than what we want to achieve in reality.

Have you ever chunked it up that why do you want a weight loss?

The answer that you will get after deep thinking on weight loss requirement is that you want to achieve good health or a good lifestyle. But ironically, you are focusing on weight loss.

It is very simple to understand, you are thinking of weight loss means that you believe that you always have more weight to loose. Your thought process shifts your emotions and action on losing weight. Once you start thinking on losing weight, whatever you eat, your belief system will tell you that you may put on weight and you eventually attract more weight to loose.

Many people enjoy eating, but still maintains healthy weight.

There are although lot’s of factors associated with this like Metabolism, Body composition based on AYURVEDA, genetics etc. But it also depends upon the the belief system one carries.

Don’t do this…..

  • Do not focus on losing weight.
  • Do not set unrealistic goals.
  • Stop thinking you are overweight.
  • Stop thinking you have health issues.
  • Stop comparing yourself with person who is maintaining good weight.
  • Stop believing that whatever you eat will give you more weight.

Do this instead…..

  • Focus on good and quantified nutrition.
  • Focus on good lifestyle.
  • Be conscious what you eat and enjoy your food.
  • Love yourself the way you are.
  • Have patience.
  • Stay in touch with your lifestyle coach or Dietitian to understand what to eat and when to eat.

Techniques to attract healthy lifestyle.

The Visual Control

  • Select an old dress which is few inches tight.
  • Set a goal for yourself with date – When you want to wear that dress?
  • Put that date on your dress with some sticky note (avoiding any damage as you will be wearing that dress after sometime).
  • Hang that dress on refrigerator door.

Why refrigerator – Whenever you feel like munching something, normally you tend to take out stuff from refrigerator and that dress and date on the dress will remind you of your goal.

The Psychological Control

Use Guided meditation techniques and affirmations in your daily routine to train your subconscious mind to help developing appropriate belief system.

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Keep your hands on thigh positioning palm upwards.
  • Move your head in slightly upward direction.
  • Close your eyes and focus between your eyebrows.
  • Just Concentrate on your breathing (Please do not control your breathing, let it happen naturally).
  • While inhaling visualise that you are drawing in all the positivity, health and love from the universe.
  • While exhaling visualise that the extra fat stored in your body is melting and going into the universe in the form of smoke.
  • During entire process, maintain a gentle smile on your face.

Preferably one must do this for 45 minutes in a day. In case doing this in single stretch is not possible, divide it into 3 sessions of 15 minutes each.

The universe is full of abundance, full of love. Just ask and believe and you will receive it unconditionally.

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