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Defeating Coronavirus – The Psychological way.

14th March 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

Be mindful and maintain hygiene to enjoy health and better lifestyle, Not to avoid health issues. You will receive what you concentrate on. The Power of Visualisation This universe is an outcome of a BIG BANG (as per scientific reasoning). BANG means a huge sound and we know that sound has vibrations. These vibrations have […]

NLP and Srimad Bhagavad Gita

25th January 2020 By Discover Yourself with Tarun Sharma

Secret of Primary Representational System NLP talks about your primary representational system. VAKOG The Concept We understand the world around us through our 5 senses which becomes our primary representational system. In NLP terms these representational systems are termed as VAKOG i.e. Visual (Seeing), Auditory (Listening), Kinaesthetic (Feelings), Olfactory (Smell) and Gustatory (Taste). One of […]